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Your dog is family, and at 1-800-DogBone.com, we treat them as such. Born from the twenty-five-year legacy of family-run Nature’s Animals and the Bone Company, 1-800-DogBone.com maintains the same reputable standard of excellence – quality ingredients for quality dogs. We’re the same artisanal bakers who’ve been carefully hand-crafting the tasty treats that your pups have loved for the past two decades – with the added bonus of convenient shipping fresh from our bakery to your doggie door!

…Now that’s something to bark home about!

At 1-800-DogBone, we use only the finest, freshest ingredients to hand-craft each of our tasty treats with the TLC your puppy pal deserves. After all, our customers are our number one priority – and that goes for our four-legged customers too!

Here’s how we’ve kept puppy tails wagging the past 20 years:
  • All-Natural Ingredients – All of our delicious treats are handmade and contain healthy, all-natural ingredients
  • Biscuit Variety – We provide a seasonal selection of paw-licking biscuits in a variety of fun flavors, shapes, and sizes
  • Baked in the USA – All of our delicious, human-grade ingredients are made and sourced in the USA
  • Convenience – All treats will be shipped fresh from our bakery to your doggie door
  • Free Shipping – Our customers enjoy free shipping on all orders over $49.00

So check out our paw-licking products today and join the tail-wagging movement!

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